Hans Henrik Hansen wrote:
Thanks for prompt reply - I'll (attempt to) look into mentioned updates.
BTW: What is XCF?? :)

I might add the information that prior to my first 'save as'-attempt(s), the computer began acting rather 'sluggishly': Even simple(?) tasks took VERY long time to accomplish - it felt like running short on RAM??

Could be, how much memory do you have on this box?

I'm in no way any kind of expert on graphics handling, but during GIMP installation I got the impression that some kind of 'virtual memory' ('swap') was being allocated (64 MB?)

It can use swap, but you really don't want it to. It's unlikely that GIMP would crash if it's using swap. More likely, the OS killed GIMP as it determined that it was using too much memory. You'll likely find a message in /var/log/messages indicating as such if this was the case.

I don't know the specific memory requirements for the transactions I performed, but intuitively they would seem << 64 MB!?

How large was the image?

Until later, Geoffrey
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