Peter Jon White wrote:

> But what you call "wild comments" may be helpful to the people
> developing The Gimp and who are soliciting donations. For example, I
> tried for over an hour to figure out the bug reporting function on teh
> website. I couldn't make heads or tails of it. I'm sure it's easy for a
> programmer, but for a bicycle wheelbuilder it's less than obvious how it
> works.
> My comments were not directed at other users, but at the developers.

Now try to remember that we are all volunteers and aren't obligated to
help anyone, although we try hard to do so. And try to think about
whether comments like yours motivate people to share their work with
others or not. And don't forget that if you don't get an asnwer, it
might be because no one knows it.

The bug reporting is IMO as easy as it should be - I'll elaborate on
this in another mail in this thread.


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