Olivier Ripoll wrote:
> David Marrs wrote:

> > But even with the menubar switched off it can still be accessed by 
> > clicking the right-facing arrow in the top left corner of the screen, 
> > so you don't *need* the right-click. I'm not saying that it shouldn't 
> > continue to be accessible by right-clicking. It could always be a 
> > preference option, or a Shift+click option.
> The difference between the right click menu and the arrow icon is with 
> respect to Fitts law: The pixel where you already are is always the most 
> esily accessible. This is a big reason why the right click menu is so 
> damn useful: No need to move the mouse, no need to position the cursor 
> on a limited-size target (arrow icon or menu toolbar).

The right-facing arrow is very useful for tablet users - in window mode,
they can click on the upper left corner of the tablet to open the menus. I
don't know if they prefer to have the menu bar switched off in general, but
I've seen some people doing this when they use a tablet.

If there is a context-sensitive menu or toolbar or dock, it has to be done
while keeping the rest of the current layout intact, because people are used
to it and do their work in so many different ways. 

Any change that doesn't respect this will be a regression.


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