I want to include full page images of a magazine article in a new document. 
A single scanned page comes in at about 3.5 MB as a png (saved directly to
png from the scan).  Any suggestions as
to how I might reduce that?

One idea I had was to lift the text off of the page and clean up the
background.  There is a lot of noise, mostly from information showing
faintly through from the other side of the thin glossy paper.  I spent a lot
of time with the select by colour tool to lift the text off the page.  I
should add that I rescanned as an *.xcf format image to do this work.  When
I saved to *.png, it was pretty much the same size as before (even a little

I should add that I don't understand much about the various image file
formats, their features and weaknesses, and am learning how to use the
various gimp tools as I go.


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