On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 09:28:48AM +0000, Kent Tong wrote:
> Thanks for all who have replied. Yes, the Chinese problem is bogus. It works
> as long as the LANG env variable is set.
it is interesting that the one time i saw anyone use this photoshop
layers effect stuff, i was able to get TheGIMP to produce the same image
in less than twenty minutes.  that was using a little knowledge of
computer graphics (most of which i learned by working with TheGIMP).

it gets difficult to take the people who absolutely NEED this effects

it makes it look like the biggest mistake that gimp made was not to
produce intellectually imbred and disfunctional people.

these people grew up in all sorts of places and came from many different
kinds of humans.  the one thing that causes them to be imbred like this
is those layers effects.  it must be the crack that Adobe sells to them.

enjoy TheGIMP, i think that even a Chinease person can learn how to make
TheGIMP do the same thing.  

one extremely unintelligent and rude american (me) was able to.


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