On Thursday 05 May 2005 06.16, j Mak wrote:
> --- Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On Wed, May 04, 2005 at 09:28:48AM +0000, Kent Tong
> >
> > wrote:
> > > Thanks for all who have replied. Yes, the Chinese
> >
> > problem is bogus. It works
> >
> > > as long as the LANG env variable is set.
> >
> > it is interesting that the one time i saw anyone use
> > this photoshop
> > layers effect stuff, i was able to get TheGIMP to
> > produce the same image
> > in less than twenty minutes.  that was using a
> > little knowledge of
> > computer graphics (most of which i learned by
> > working with TheGIMP).
>  Carol,
> You are right that there are ways of working around
> solutions, but this is not the point. In reality, it
> seldom happens, if ever, that you come up with an
> idea, then sit down in front of your computer and
> realize it in one shot.  Rather, artwork, even the
> simplest ones like web page buttons are the result of
> experimentation. And this is where the Adjustment
> layer and the layer effects come in. Using them you
> can experiment with various settings without changing
> the set up of your layer structure. In addition, you
> can edit your artwork, even months or years after
> finishing it, simply by altering the Adjustment layer
> or changing the layer effects parameters. For
> instance, if I decide at some point that don't want
> drop shadows anymore, I simply click on the layer
> effect representing the shadow and I turn it off, or
> add other effect if I want to. By the way Macromedia
> Fireworks has similar tools but their implementation
> is totally different; they call them Live Effects.
> These are extremely useful tools that's why graphic
> artists like them; they allow an efficient and
> economical way of creating artwork. I think the Gimp
> would benefit a great deal from similar features.
> Regards,
> jozsefmak
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Thats one of the problems here:
Gimp which is fairly young is compared to an OLDtimer as Photoshop who's been 
around for ages!
Of course graphic artists use photoshop. Its was the only thing available a 
few years back with any kind of usefullness.
Its the same situation as with GNU/Linux itself. It took a few years of 
collaborate work to get it up to (and even beyond) par with MS Windows.
Gimp is developing rather rapidly and as far as i can see, steadily in the 
same direction. Giv it a little more time and you'll have a piece of software 
that will exceed even the oldie Photoshop.

In lieu of the fact that Gimp and most of the open source software is on "free 
time" basis, i'd say Gimp is a KILLER application.
And i am sure that it will continue to develop.

Just my two cents worth...


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