* Andreas Waechter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [06-25-05 00:58]:
> No, Thunderbird should not "reply" to the list with the 
> current settings of the list.
> There is no "Reply-To" header, thus a "Reply" has to go to 
> the address in the "From" header - which is the address of 
> the original sender, not the list.
> The List address is in the "To" field. Thus only a "Reply 
> All" will go to the list as CC (and to the original sender 
> as TO).
> Don't blame my mail client for the set-up of the list.

Your *mail* client is *not* being blamed.  It is *your*
responsibility.  No one disputes your choice of mail client, but it
*is* your responsibility to see that *your* posts are properly
addressed to the list, not the list's software or the people you are
being discourteous to.

The *fault* is *all* yours.  It is/was your choice.
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