* Andreas Waechter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [06-25-05 07:02]:
> you might have seen that the blame that "reply" is not going 
> to the list *is* put on my Thunderbird.

No, you have the ability w/thunderbird to edit headers and to specify
"To:" and cc and bcc addresses.  *You* are responsible for what *you*
send, whatever client your choose to use.

> Hm. Tell me please where I have been discourteous to people.  

sending list mail to private address and duplicates

> I told my opinion about the setting of the list. My opinion might
> differ from other peoples' opinions. Is it discourteous to tell one's
> opinion?

you are entitled to your opinion, but *you* are responsible for the
output of your chosen mail client and your posts of list mail.

> *I* did not imply that anyone would steal like other people 
> have done.

and *who* implied theft?

> Which fault?

you are beating a dead horse.

> That I tried to explain to nuno alexandre why he might have 
> received an answer to his mail address instead of the list 
> mail address?

don't *explain*, apologize and correct your actions.  Accept
responsibility for your actions and your choices.  Don't blame them on
software that you chose.  It's still *your* choice.

there is *no* rebuttal.  The thread is dead now!
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