I'm converting a huge load of sprites from a game into ones suitable for use in another (from Myth II to Doom) and of course this involves a huge amount of repetitive actions- to change the image mode from indexed to RGB, back to indexed but with the Doom palette, and then to go through all the hundreds of seperate frames and manually replace the blue (of hexadecimal reference 0000FF) with another colour (00FFFF). Since it is entirely repetitive, I reckoned batch mode could deal with it, so I read the tutorial at gimp.org on batch mode, but cannot understand it. I would manage to understand it in time, but in the meantime, does anyone know of any utilities that could help? for example are there any tools that could be used to assist in the generation of the batch scripts? Also, can the image->mode be changed through such a script? I know the sequence of events I want to script, but just don't know how to script it:

1.Change the Image mode to RGB

2.Apply the filter "colour exchange" (Filters->Colors->Map->Color exchange on the version I'm running [2.2.7 on Windows]) with the "from" colour being 0000ff and the "to" colour being 00ffff

3.Change the mode back to Indexed (Use custom palette, Don't remove unused colours from final palette, Dithering=none)

4.Do this to every image in a directory

Any help really appreciated, if anyone does know of any useful utilities or anything at all that could help.

Thanks in advance

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