I really don't understand much about gimp batch mode but I
think you could write a bash script to do it with convert.

Paulo Matos

A B said:
> I'm converting a huge load of sprites from a game into ones
> suitable for use in another (from Myth II to Doom) and of
> course this involves a huge amount of repetitive actions- to
> change the image mode from indexed to RGB, back to indexed but
> with the Doom palette, and then to go through all the hundreds
> of seperate frames and manually replace the blue (of
> hexadecimal reference 0000FF) with another colour (00FFFF).
> Since it is entirely repetitive, I reckoned batch mode could
> deal with it, so I read the tutorial at gimp.org on batch mode,
> but cannot understand it. I would manage to understand it in
> time, but in the meantime, does anyone know of any utilities
> that could help? for example are there any tools that could be
> used to assist in the generation of the batch scripts? Also,
> can the image-

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