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> --- michael chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >It won't.  But some people would like to keep an entire layer's data,
> >but only have some of it visible. I've done things like that before.
> >*shrugs*
> Seems reasonable I guess. But wouldn't it be easier to use if all of
> the layer were visible and hide some of it by choosing it?

Tell the gimp developers that.  I don't know.  Honestly.

> >Change the image size, I believe.  Also, if you're fitting canvas to
> >layer, make sure you have the clipped layer selected (you have more
> >than one, yes or no?).
> I have only the clipped layer and the "background" layer. Isn't changing
> the image size and changing the canvas the same thing? Anyway in all
> attempts the clipped layer was selected (since it's the only thing
> I've manipulated); the layer had the "walking ants" around it.

"Walking ants" means it's not a layer... it's a floating selection...
[see my later message].  Solution:  Make the "floating" layer non
floating - by putting it on another layer.

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