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> On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 05:30:21PM +0300, Diaa Sami wrote:
> >
> > that's exactly what I wanted, I looked into PNG docs, and I found out
> > that there are two functions responsible for this, which are
> > png_get_tRNS and png_set_tRNS.
> Yup.  For just about any chunk, there is a get/set pair in the reference
> implementation.  The GIMP could easily figure out when the alpha is binary
> (to use tRNS rather than RGBA), but picking out an unused color to represent
> transparent that is acceptible to the user, applications, and further
> editing is an impossible (or difficult) task.

This sounds like something that should be only created if it's set by
the user -- e.g. a save option.  Although then it'd have to be
specified every time, which might be annoying.  In that case, you'd
still see the colour that acts transparent in GIMP - just not when
it's actually edited.  That said, that might be inconvienent for those
who use GIMP as an image viewer, and confuddle users of GAP.

> IE ignores tRNS when you aren't in palette mode, anytime you added some of
> that color to an image, it would turn transparent seperate from what you
> expect, etc.

So logically, should we even be using tRNS in PNG anyway?  IE is one
of the most commonly used browsers, AFAIK...

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