Hi Carol,

With respect, could you clarify what the issue is on
the page you've referenced? I'm looking at


in both IE6 and Firefox, and the major differences
I see are some spacing variations and the absent img
in the "Pattern" box.

By the way, I agree that jumping through browser-specific
hoops to design webpages is a major pain, and often resent 
having to take on the pain. But it seems there's sort of
a spectrum from lowest-common-denominator-and-works-everywhere
design to maximum-bells-and-whistles-and-must-be-tweaked-for-
every-browser design. I absolutely do not know where the
line should be drawn, but really want to achieve certain
effects anyway. Hence the pain 8).


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|       > Hi all...
|       > 
|       > I was frustrated about IE PNG support (still am), but 
|       did some research,
|       > and found several ways to fix this in IE, depending 
|       on what you want. 
|       > 
|       we were discussing this on the irc some.  it is all 
|       very confusing to me
|       as i refuse to use wine to see what my pages look like 
|       in ie and ie
|       refuses to work with my operating system without 
|       something like this.
|       we were talking about how to make this page:
|       http://carol.gimp.org/blog.html show the pattern in IE. 
|        my idea was to
|       get a screen shot of it being rendered correctly and 
|       use image mapping
|       for the links.
|       and, i think this is quicker and more predictible than 
|       any of the silly
|       hoops the other browser asks the web designer to jump 
|       through and also
|       would give the instant satisfaction of having made the 
|       software do the
|       jumping instead.  "here IE! jump! jump!" /me whistles 
|       encouragingly.
|       personally, i thank everyone who has been involved in 
|       giving me a
|       lifestyle in which i do not need to worry about broken 
|       propietary
|       software when i make pages.  the mess you see on my web 
|       site is all my
|       own making for my own purposes.  and frankly, i don't 
|       really care if
|       msie users can see the gimp pattern of the day or not.  a better
|       question is, can you install other software and perhaps 
|       go without
|       government aid?
|       everyone, practice with me "Here IE, Jump, Jump!".  
|       software should work
|       for you and not against you.
|       carol

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