Ok, so i will try to answer every question:

Am Mittwoch, 2. November 2005 01:56 schrieben Sie:
> i am sure your willingness to answer will be just as keen as your
> willingness to ask for help here.
Of course ;)

I have asked a designer someone from a marketing corporate and he told me, 
that this is no big problem with photoshop, but i can't speak of my own 
experiences, though..

> How was the camera being held?  Was it sitting on something, or was it
> in your hand? 
No matter how, because EVERY image get's blured. It could be summer in the 
desert and it would get blured ;)

It's just a 2MPix handy-cam, so that's the reason, but i don't need PERFECT 
results, just a little bit better results, i know i know, it's just a 
handy ;)
The lens is clean, though.

> ..and looking at the plug-ins that "refocus" the blurry image.  I have  
> not used these plug-ins, but they seem to be based on algorithms that  
> detect the intent of the "focused" image and attempt to reconstruct  
> it.  A bit more sophisticated sharpening.
Good idea, sounds interesting! Will try it out, thanks

Thans to all by now ;)

Greetings, Qeldroma
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