Jeff Trefftzs writes:
> On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 14:19 +0100, qeldroma wrote:
> > No matter how, because EVERY image get's blured. It could be summer in the 
> > desert and it would get blured ;)
> Every image?!  Perhaps you have the camera set to "soft-focus" -
> sometimes  suggested for taking romanticized portrait photos.  Have you
> checked this setting?

Or maybe there's something wrong with the lens. I bought a little
Aiptek Pencam recently to use in places where I don't want to risk
a better camera (kayaking, hanging from model airplanes ...)
The center and lower right of the field is usually more or less
focused, but the left and upper left are always out of focus.
Apparently the lens is just installed poorly (I know these cameras
can take sharp images -- I've seen some). I hear it's possible
to disassemble the camera and fix the lens alignment, though I
haven't had time to try it yet. Of course, if this is your only
camera and you paid significant money for it you might be better
off trying a camera repair place.

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