On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 02:19:56PM +0100, qeldroma wrote:
> Ok, so i will try to answer every question:
> Am Mittwoch, 2. November 2005 01:56 schrieben Sie:
> > i am sure your willingness to answer will be just as keen as your
> > willingness to ask for help here.
> Of course ;)
> I have asked a designer someone from a marketing corporate and he told me, 
> that this is no big problem with photoshop, but i can't speak of my own 
> experiences, though..

Maybe he can unblur it for you?

I'd like to see any before/after comparisons for fixups of this type, PS
or gimp.

> > How was the camera being held?  Was it sitting on something, or was it
> > in your hand? 
> No matter how, because EVERY image get's blured. It could be summer in the 
> desert and it would get blured ;)
> It's just a 2MPix handy-cam, so that's the reason, but i don't need PERFECT 
> results, just a little bit better results, i know i know, it's just a 
> handy ;)

Image size or such does not mean you can't get focused, sharp pictures.
If every image is blurred, something is wrong with the camera or the user.

Did you try using a tripod, or resting the camera on table/beanbag/whatever?

Or turn on a bright(er) light?

-- Patrick Mansfield
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