On Sun, Nov 13, 2005 at 09:46:31AM -0600, Jeff Avveduti wrote:
> I could do that but that is just not efficient. If I have 30 photographs
> to add the logo to, I don't want to add in all of those steps every
> time. I tried saving it as a brush and it stinks. It does not show all
> of the logo. I guess I will be forced to stay with the standard for now.
> Perhaps one day Gimp will be a replacement for me... for now, I guess
> not.
you only need to make it once, unless you need thirty different logos.

did you try the second tutorial at www.gimp.org or did you only stick
with getting instructions from this list?

GIMP is free for everyone.  it however is not dumbed down for everyone.

did you try the Basic Logo or Beveled?  you are getting answers from
people who enjoy making graphics, not dummies.

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