Thanks, it is good to know that it runs on the latest OS ok?! I think. I was in 
the middle of redoing my business 
card, when I added a clean OS 10.4 on an external hard-drive then things went 
haywire, needless to say I never 
did finish or print any cards and it still in Gimp format. The funny part of it 
is both versions of latest GIMP on the 
new OS 10.4 and the older GIMP on OS 10.28 (on separate hard-drives) does the 
same crash and I can not figure 
what is going on. Almost like a virus is involved, but nothing else is 
affected. I am not a computer wiz, but can 
not find the problem.

I like OS 10.4 but want to defiantly want Linux and was thinking Suze or Debian 
(or version of). I could not/did 
not want to do it before, because Apple foolishly do not partition the drive 
when they sell you the computer. Bad 


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