Alex Feldman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I am trying to learn the Gimp, mostly from the book, Grokking the
> Gimp.  It has been pretty useful so far, even if my copy, and the
> online copy, is a trifle out of date.  I am using 2.2.8 in FC3.
> That is, it was useful until I got to section 3.4, The Paths Dialog.
> Now nothing seems to work.

As Carol already pointed out the path tool has been completely rewritten
and a changed workflow since GIMP 2.0. Carey's book was written for 1.2,
most chapters are still applicable today, but the stuff about the path
tool is not.

I suggest reading

and if you still cannot use it properly feel free to ask again.

Hope this helps,
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