John R. Culleton wrote:
> Tom, I never saw your original post but only Carol's reply. If
> you could help me dig my way out of the swamp off list or on
> list I would be grateful. I have Slack 10.2 installed. When Gimp
> 2.3.6 failed I tried to  upgrade my libs and thoroughly messed
> them up. But I have a clean copy on another partition. So my game
> will be to upgrade on that partiton with your help. 
> Did you use slack Current or do you go directly to another source?
> If so, what sites? Did you deinstall the Slack packages first or not? 
> What exactly did you upgrade? 
> All assistance appreciated. 
We can do this off list so we won't clutter it.  :)   Once we get you up
and running, we can post an update for other Slackware users.  :)

Shoot me an e-mail if you haven't already.


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