"John R. Culleton" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am evaluating two products to use while waiting for Gimp to
> adopt the CMYK color model, Scribus and Krita (part of Koffice).
> Scribus is really a Quark replacement and Krita (inspired in part
> by Gimp is still in an early stage. The Krita manual says it will
> do CMYK but my copy doesn't have it yet. It is however very
> Gimp-ish in look and feel. 

I hope you are aware that using the CMYK color model is not going to
solve your print problems.  Actually for most image manipulation needs
your source images will be in an RGB color space and it is then
recommended to do all the work in RGB and to let the printer driver
care about the rest.

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