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From what I can gather of reading the mailing-lists for users,
developers and windows port, while the gimp "own" part of the
interface as much improved in the last years (preview for plugin /
docks / window management / image window top-menu), the compliance
to the HIG has raised a lot of bitterness in the community.
Can you please stop spreading this nonsense? The GNOME Human Interface
Guidelines (HIG) have not much, if anything, to do with the way the
file chooser dialog looks and feels. Please read the guidelines before
you talk about them. Making GIMP more HIG compliant has led to more
consistent and more pleasantly looking dialogs and has substantially
improved the usability of the application. I have not yet heard any
valid complaints about this step.

Complaints about the dialogue pop up every single month on the 3 mailing lists I have mentioned. You can refuse to read them, but then do not accuse people who read them to mention them when specifically ask to in a thread.

You're claiming that the GIMP UI has improved, but following the HIG wasn't
something that was welcomed in the community. But following the HIG was what
has caused the improvements.

Your claim, as written here, is quite generic, and it seems like you totally
disagree with it. You should be more specific about the things you disagree


I disagree with your interpretation of my messages. :)

So I will try to reformulate this in another way to avoid the misunderstandings:

1- Gimp UI has improved. I never said the opposite. Clear?

2- The new GTK file dialogue has raised many complaints. see for instance the thread called "Bring back the keyboard".

3- Most of the complaints have been addressed (regarding point 2).

4- There are still some points which raise complaints. 2 are mentioned in the thread: a) the need of an obscure key combo to access the file completion navigation. b) the fact that the folder navigation (and perhaps) the file type chooser are not directly accessible.

Please keep in mind the reason for my messages: One person asked for points he could discuss/investigate for an article about the UI. I suggested to show the improvements for previous version. Then I was asked what were the points still generating complaints. I listed what are the two most frequent one in my opinion.

And gimp developers fall on me as if I had said that I preferred 1.2.x interface. I never said that. I said that there are areas where the new interface still has not reached the old one.

That you and Sven do not agree with the complaints does not make those complaints disappear. I was asked what are the complaints. I listed them. My opinion is irrelevant. They exist. They pop up every once in a while. It is a stubborn fact.

Best regards,


PS: And in case it is not clear after me writing it 4 times now: The Gimp UI has improved since 1.2.x.

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