I gave a course today about GIMP/2.2 at a local college for some
teachers that decided to switch over to GIMP instead of using Adobe
Photoshop because they don't want to support proprietary software and
because they want to spend their budget for more useful things than
Photoshop licenses. Some did not have any former experience with
comprehensive image manipulation programs. Some schools are switching to
GIMP/2 soon because of me and my courses ;) I'm posting a list below
that imo is very important for an easier and more accessible use of
GIMP2! I'm sure you've heard them all already but they're really needed!
The bug numbers are in parentheses.

Needed features:
*** Dynamic Brush Resize: ***
Please change the way you use brushes. Make it easier to choose a type
of brush of any desired size. (#65030)

*** Text-Options: ***
1. Implement buttons for "Bold" and "Italic" style. It is horrible when
you have 150 fonts or so installed and you need to choose (#150500)
2. Include an option that allows to make some text of a single layer
editible, i.e. one sentence is bold while another is italic, without
having to create a different layer for each one. (#122706)
3. Include a letter-spacing option. (#331952)
4. Allow writing directly on layer without an extra dialog.

*** preview options ***
preview options are needed for some important and frequently used
scripts (i.e. adding shadow) (#52374)

*** some other things ***
- Please implement an easy and fast way to instantly overlay a layer
with a specific color or gradient (+preview option).
- Please implement a script to add inner glow.

I'd like to thank all people who spend their time for developing and
improving GIMP! It's an awesome application.

Best regards,

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