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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Website idea and comments on Gimp vrs photoshop
> I don't know if this would be better going to a different list... so
> sorry if this is going to the wrong place!

> And the "Gimp vrs photoshop" means that I will be comparing two of the
> features of the two... not to argue one better than the other.

It doesn't have to be *versus*, both can be useful for different things.

> I was reading on a forum where this guy was posting that his son is an
> all out photoshop user, and would often challenge him to do something
> in gimp that he did in photoshop.

Depends on what you ask and how well you know your software.  It all comes
down to changing the colour of pixels and I've seen some amazing work
created using only mspaint.  Different software might allow you to get
more work done faster

> There are two main differences that stood out to me.
> The first is the amount of affects and tools available.

Adobe have provided limited support to third party developers over the
years allowing them to create PSD files and third party plugins.  Using
the PSPI plugin* by Tor Lillqvist you will be able to use some of these
plugins with the GNU Image Manipulation program if you want.

> The second is the way the filters are applied. I like how photoshop
> does it better. Instead of applying to the image itself... it acts
> more like a filter. You apply it to the layer.

There is a request for these kinds of live layer filters in bugzilla.
(Photoshop has normal filters too.)

> Now for my suggestion on the website. I think it would be very helpful
> for have a section that would be like a cross between an FAQ and a
> help desk.

It might be appropriate to use the Wiki for that kind of information but
it depends what you have in mind and the developers want.

> Basically, people could post their questions on how to get a desired
> effect on an image.

People use the lists for this kind of thing, also places like Deviant Art
and the GUG

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