saulgoode wrote:

> > Since I installed a new version, the
> > semi-transparency is cut off and I have just plain
> > black on transparent background as if there were
> > antialiasing, very ugly.
> I wrote a script a while back that attempted to
> address this (available at
> It works by replacing the non-transparent portion of
> each layer with the result of merging the layer with
> the layers below (actually the "projection" of the
> layers below it).

That sounds as if it's still impossible to preserve
semi-transparency while converting to indexed in the
GIMP. Therefore, my claim that I had been able to do
exactly that must be really weird. That's strange, I
very vividly remember doing exactly that until
yesterday. Memory can fail, maybe I'm wrong.


Matthias Julius wrote:

> j_mach_wust j_mach_wust <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > When I created png images of black text on
> > transparent background, I used to convert them to
> > indexed so their size would be reduced.
> How much does this reduce the file size?

I don't remember exactly, but I thought I tried it and
it significantly reduced the file size, so therefore I
kept doing it.

I'm confused now.



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