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"lameness: disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet"

This is the commonly understood meaning of the word for most English
speakers and it is considered derogatory, like calling someone a cripple.

There are quite a few native English speakers who have pointed out
that "gimp" means nothing to them, and I want to add myself to that
list. Can we get past this and agree that it's just a cultural issue,
and maybe generational as well. Not only did I never hear it in a
derogatory context in my own country, but after 8 years in the US I
haven't heard it used that way here either. Maybe people need to stop
speaking and thinking in such a derogatory fashion. Renew your minds!

Oh, and if the project was to be renamed, maybe it would be offensive
in some other language or culture. English is not the only language on
the planet.

Owen (not from Aus)
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