OK, is there a place I can get more information on this? Google showed up surprisingly little for libgimp2.0-dev, and most of it was either for Debian or not in English (which I prefer). Can I just download the package from the Debian site and install it in FC5? I've never done that before.

Carol Spears wrote:
On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 08:11:43PM -0600, Alex Feldman wrote:
I just installed FC5, which comes with Gimp, but there is no gimpui.pc file.

Gutenprint looks for it before it makes the print plugin for Gimp, which is what I am after. So do I need to find this file somewhere and put it in my PKG_CONFIG_PATH, or is there some other way to get Gutenprint to make that plugin?

probably you need to install libgimp-dev or whatever it is called on




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