On Mon, 02 Oct 2006 05:32:07 -0600, Alex Feldman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> OK, is there a place I can get more information on this?  Google showed 
> up surprisingly little for libgimp2.0-dev, and most of it was either for 
> Debian or not in English (which I prefer).  Can I just download the 
> package from the Debian site and install it in FC5?  I've never done 
> that before.

Certainly not!  It is unlikely that a Debian package will install cleanly
in FC5.  And even if you manage to install it (e.g., using alien to convert
the package), it is very likely that your system will be unusable or at
least unmaintainable after that.

Some Linux distributors have decided to split the GIMP files in two or more
packages: one of them (usually just called "gimp") contains the files that
are needed for normal usage and another one (usually called "gimp-dev" or
"gimp-devel" or something similar) contains the files that are only needed
if you want to build and install plug-ins.  The latter usually includes the
header files, the *.pc files needed by pkgconfig, etc.  It should not be
too hard for you to find the right package for your distribution.

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