Michael Schumacher wrote:
> Von: Ben Walker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> I agree that normally autoscroll is not generally appropriate for 
>> painting.  For drawing lines however, it could be very useful, if one 
>> knows exactly where one wants to begin and end a line.  I do this type 
>> of graphic work all the time for web design, and normally have to do the 
>> line piecemeal as I often need to zoom in to place the line accurately.
> You are talking about straight line, right? Then this can be handled by 
> multiple views.
> What is the difference between painting and drawing, btw? The paint tools 
> don't auto-scroll in draw mode anyway (this is what you get by holding shift 
> (aka "how to draw straight lines")).
[I should have sent this to the list, I was briefly confused and was responding 
to individuals rather than the list, after having turned off digest mode]

Sorry for the ambiguity; I suppose drawing is the correct term.  GIMP 
doesn't presently autoscroll when "drawing," but that seems like much 
more useful behavior then autoscrolling while "painting" (i.e. using the 
paint tools without any modifier keys).  Please notice the use of the 
word "could" in my original message.  Notice also how I said I need to 
draw the line piecemeal since GIMP doesn't presently autoscroll in 
drawing mode as you have observed.
> Maybe you could explain in more detail how you work with scrolling to draw 
> lines?
To restate: when "drawing" lines using the paint tools, it would be 
helpful if autoscroll was enabled.  I agree with others, that enabling 
autoscrolll while "painting" with the paint tools is not especially 
useful in my experience.  I don't use scrolling when drawing lines, I 
have had to draw, scroll, draw, scroll, etc...

My original post could have been clearer.  I just tried using multiple 
views, and it works well.  Thank you for the suggestion.  I would not 
have anticipated this behavior, but it is useful.

Ben W.

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