Anthony Ettinger wrote:
> On 12/5/06, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> time for another little poll. GIMP has an interface for pluggable color
>> selector modules. Over the time we have collected quite a few of them.
>> In the 2.3 tree we have the following modules and builtin color
>> selectors:
>>  Default color selector
>>  CMYK color selector
>>  Painter-style triangle color selector
>>  Watercolor style color selector
>>  Palette color selector
>> This is IMO too much choice for most users and I think it would help if
>> we would disable some of them. Expert users would still be able to
>> reenable them in the Module Manager. Perhaps we could even have a menu
>> somewhere in the Colors tab that allows to enable/disable color
>> selectors.
>> Now the question is, which color selectors do you actually use? I have
>> myself never found the Watercolor selector to be useful. But your
>> mileage might vary. Tell me about it.
> I use the triangle color wheel. After reading about color design, it
> makes more sense.
[Oops, sorry Anthony, I just sent this response to you.]

I only use the default selector, but now that Anthony has mentioned the 
triangle and color design, I have become interested in that one :)  
However, I think I would be perfectly happy just using the default.

Ben W.

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