On 12/5/06, Sven Neumann wrote:
> This is IMO too much choice for most users

 It's not like they _have_ to make a choise. They can just use the
default as 99% of people do. I too don't like many choises, but 2-3
tabs more or less in a color selector don't bother me at all...

> Now the question is, which color selectors do you actually use? I have
> myself never found the Watercolor selector to be useful.

 Most of the time I use the default, but my mother almost always uses
the watercolor. She is not an advanced user (and she wouldn't find it
if she had to enable it to use it), she is just used to create the
color she wants and when she thinks about a color it feels more
natural to mix 2-3 colors together to make it. At the default color
selector at first she was totally lost...
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