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> Not to flame here or anything, but has anybody done an actual study as
> to if IT managers are overlooking GIMP because of the name, and I'm not
> talking anecdotes.  I'm talking about a systematic survey.
> I don't deny that some people MAY have a bias against GIMP, but you need
> to look at the other side of the picture: what about the developers who
> still associate GIMP with a great program.  Product names are filled
> with all sorts of good will, and if you're going to change, you'd better
> be able to sit down and say that there is a valid reason to do this.
> And while we're on the topic of names, here's one idea:

Maybe linux journal, but I haven't seen anything specific toward Gimp.
>From my own experience, I've been an early adopter with open source,
and find it funny that once something hits mainstream, like Ubuntu or
Firefox - the same people that used to make comments like "I don't
have any problem for *my* software." - tend to talk praise once it's
become norm to use OS software ie. Firefox. Frankly, the point is that
people tend to change their minds rather quickly with the proper

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