> I tried both, but since I'm using GIMP all the time i foundthe
> photoshop interface mostly chaotic. But I'm sure it must be the same
> for people who pass from PS to GIMP. Most people are complaining about
> the amount of windows the GIMP opens, but then virtual desktops handle
> this problem with ease and even turn it into an advantage.
> As for learning PS or GIMP... i wonder how many students can afford to
> buy PS and also how many will really use all the tools that are in PS
> and not in GIMP. (apart adjustment layers, they are great and I wish
> they were in GIMP)
> Speaking about Gimpression, it could be taken as a copy of the MS
> Expression at the time being. I think it is a great name, but people
> tend to exaggerate when it comes to "stealing".

I used to not like gimp when I first switched...but after spending the
last few weeks intensely going through tutorials, et. al. I'm quite
familiar with the interface now - and will never go back to PS.
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