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> > "Bring out The Gimp...."
> How many people do you really think have seen that movie? For example,
> English is my native language, and I've never heard this movie reference
> until it was brought up repeatedly on this mailing list -- this is the third
> thread I have encountered so far in which one or two people say 'this is
> icky and bad' and most of the others either express that they don't care or
> that they've never heard of such a way of using the word gimp; I still have
> never seen or heard a reference in real life to Pulp Fiction or 'gimp'.
> I think that a name change *could* attract some sorely needed developers,
> and users, too. If a movie reference is the reason you would like it
> changed.. I think your perception is lacking. In my case, I just find 'gimp'
> to be bland -- it's no fun to pronounce, it doesn't bring an image
> immediately to mind, it's non-obvious what it does, and it is not engaging
> (sillily or otherwise); on all these metrics I-Mage is superior.)

I like GIMP...it throws people off, usually resulting in my explaining
the software to them, which is basically a sales pitch on my end.

I say keep it - true to many open source software packages that have
abnormal names. As a developer I tend to take packages called "The
Greatest *Whatever* Thing" with a grain of salt.

Eventually, everthing gets abbreviated anyway: (more commonly referred
to as "TGWT" by it's users, in this hypothetical situation.

Anyway, instead of flaming, how about some suggestions:

GIM(p|age) -- another attempt at backwards + forwards compatibility

Gnu Image Manipulator - GIM(p) --- for backwards compatibility

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