Andrew ha scritto:

> I'm thinking of moving into the 21st century and getting a bottom-end 
> digital reflex, preferably Pentax for the sake of nostalgia. Can anyone 
> advise me from a technical point of view as to what I need in order to 
> be able to get pictures into GIMP for editing? I use Slackware 11.

I think in general you should check that your camera produces files that 
GIMP can open. If are considering something more than a point-and-shoot 
camera, for example a reflex, and you want the best quality and 
flexibility, sooner or later you will hear about RAW files. These are 
not standard files, every manufacturer produces its own format. You 
should check that a GIMP plugin like UFRaw can open RAW files created by 
your camera in order to convert to tiff or jpeg. I am using my Nikon D80 
without problems with GIMP and UFRaw on Linux.


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