Bob Meetin schreef:
> See example images at
> The image (vanilla) was taken with an ordinary digital slr.  I know it 
> is large - if you check the other image, same problem. It is 300dpi.  
> You can see this if checking with  windows image properties or with 
> photoshop.  However, when I check in Gimp (2.2) using
> Image --> Scale Image
> both horizontal and vertical display as 72.
> When I load some stock images into Gimp they are correctly display the 
> resolution, be it 150, 300, whatever.  So the question, "What is it 
> about this image that is fooling gimp?"  Is it a setting in Gimp that I 
> might have innocently messed up or other?

Not only Gimp is confused. I've tried the images in IrfanView and 
XnView. There is a difference between the two images:
- img1_resized.jpg: both XnView and IrfanView think it's 72x72. PIL, the 
Python Imaging Library, thinks it's 72x72 too.
- img1_vanilla.jpg: XnView says ??? x ???, IrfanView leaves the boxes 
empty, PIL has no DPI information.

That's without looking into the EXIF-data. When I look there, both 
XnView and IrfanView have XResolution = 300 and YResolution = 300 in 
both images.

So the difference between Gimp on one hand and Windows image properties 
and PhotoShop on the other hand seems to be that the others extract the 
resolution-information from the EXIF-data while the Gimp doesn't.

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Roel Schroeven

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