Victor Domingos wrote:
 >>> Is there an easy way in GIMP to make corrections to those distortions
 >>> that happen for instance, when we try to take a photo from a very
 >>> high building (when the straigh edges get a bit rounded or inclined).

John Allsopp wrote:
 >> I blogged about it here
 >> <>

Rei Shinozuka wrote:
 > yes, it's called Perspective or "Change the Perspective of
 > the layer or selection." it is on the main menu screen as
 > a trapezoid.  i've used it to correct keystoning of
 > photographing a tall building, or a mural when
 > photographed from off to the
 > side. it gives you a grid for reference and it's quite
 > handy.

Nice, corrects perspective, but doesn't correct lens distortion, if I'm 
right. Anyone re lens distortion that makes staight lines curved?

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