John Allsopp wrote:
> Victor Domingos wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Is there an easy way in GIMP to make corrections to those distortions  
>> that happen for instance, when we try to take a photo from a very  
>> high building (when the straigh edges get a bit rounded or inclined).  
>> I think there are some similar apps in wich we can do that by using a  
>> grid to distort the whole picture. Is there anything like that in GIMP?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Victor Domingos
> I looked for this too and didn't find it. I blogged about it here 
> <> where there's a 
> link to a tutorial about a way to do it in Hugin, but I had some 
> problems with that.
> So that's a possibility, but I'm still interested in hearing of Gimp 
> ways to do it.
One of the tools on the Gimp front panel toolset since at least 2.2 is 
the Perspective Tool (see also the Shear Tool) which does just that. 
There are some relevant instructions in my out of date version of 
'Grokking the Gimp' in the Panorama and Transform sections; perhaps 
someone else can point you to more recent and better versions.

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