Hello Rolf

I just watched one of your videos too.

It is really polished and is a pleasure to watch.

I am just barely getting started with GIMPS's GAP package. I am trying 
to learn about all the video containers and codecs but I am far from 
being an expert.

If I could provide some feedback, my Ubuntu Linux box has Firefox 
installed. I have a few extras installed like flash but nothing too 
special in the way of video player plug-ins. I was not able to view your 
video. I watched it on a wind*ws 2000 box with Firefox.

I am learning to use Mencoder with GAP. I have converted some test 
videos to a windows compatible mpeg codec. I really need to figure out 
the best container/codec package for the videos I am trying to make. If 
you would like I could feedback to you when I come up with my best 
combo. Perhaps this will give your very nice video a little wider 
potential audience.

Have a good night-Patrick

Eric P wrote:
>> I would be happy about comments and very happy about pointers to
>> mistakes or to things I could do better. 
>> You can find the podcast at http://meetthegimp.org
>> Rolf
> I'm absolutely confounded that no one has replied to you yet.
> Rolf, excellent work!  I've just begun watching (episode 6) and I am 
> thoroughly impressed with the techniques and your
> demonstration.
> You're providing an excellent resource for GIMP users (both current and 
> future).  Keep up the great work, and I'll be
> sure to follow your updates.
> It would be great if you provided a link for the original images you use in 
> your podcast; then we could all follow along.
> Thanks again,
> Eric
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