> I'm absolutely confounded that no one has replied to you yet.
> Rolf, excellent work!  I've just begun watching (episode 6) and I am 
> thoroughly impressed with the techniques and your
> demonstration.
> You're providing an excellent resource for GIMP users (both current and 
> future).  Keep up the great work, and I'll be
> sure to follow your updates.
> It would be great if you provided a link for the original images you use in 
> your podcast; then we could all follow along.
> Thanks again,

Just a suggestion, this what I intend to do. Open the video in Avidemux
and find the example of the image to be worked on. Go to File and Save
and save as JPEG image. So, when giving the image a name add .jpg. This
image can then be opened in the Gimp and worked on.

I hope that this is some use.


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