Hi Rolf,

First, thanks for the nice and educational video tutorials. After watching #1
to #3 I've re-configured The Gimp on my box ... representing now a similar
layout like your's with just one toolbox window open including tabs for other
dialogs like layers, channels, etc. in the lower pane. Neat and less space

Also very helpful the hint with the TAB key to hide the toolbox window by
tinkering with the window management settings. Unfortunately this influences
also all other application windows: the Gimp window stays now on top even above
xterm and other applications. An applicable workaround for me: I've created
a new workspace dedicated solely to image manipulation works.

As of the raw images mentioned in the episode #3: unfortunately you didn't
explain in detail how you convert your 12 bit raw images into the 8 bit images.
Just a guess: you did it with the (Windows ?) software which was shipped 
with your camera. However, you have asked for a open source or at least a free
tool: dcraw, ufraw (a Gimp plugin and as a stand-alone frontend to dcraw),
rawstudio and Lightzone come to my mind. The latter is Java based and available
for all mentioned OS but AFAIR free for Linux only.

And just in case you should have some more time - Northern Germany is known for
it's long lasting lousy weather ;) - you could make a videocast about how to
make these nice videos. I know, it is not truly Gimp related but could inspire
other folks to provide similar video tutorials. They are much easier to follow
than written tutorials because one can really see what's going on without
digging through the menus.

More feedback after watching episodes #4+.

Keep on going with this nice work - I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

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