Note, these prises are without lens. The cheapest kit lens cost about 
100$ shipped with the camera. Nikon's one is more expensive due to more 
quality. Sony provides 3 kit zooms: 100$  17-70, new 16-105 and Zeiss 
16-80 (set in turn both of price and quality). Nikon and Canon have 
several kits too.

Canon 5D main advantage is full frame. It is not cropped. So in features 
it is weaker than 30D or 40D, but image quality is higher.

Leon Brooks GIMP wrote:
> On Thursday 13 September 2007 20:25:33 you wrote:
>> To set in turn of cost: Sony Alpha 700 (1400 USD),
>> Canon 40D (1500+ USD), Nikon D300 (1800+ USD). 
> Thaks for that nice, simple list.
> I got good value out of a Sony DSC-F707 until the day I
> ran it over with my 2t van.
> Several of the pro photographers I know have longed for
> a Canon 5D but not been able to afford one; they all
> seem to think well of the 40D, after studying it, "Not perfect,
> but close enough," sort of thing. (-:
> Cheers; Leon

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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