On Wednesday 26 September 2007 02:34:13 Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> Do I still have the old version?
> Do I have both versions so I need to make GIMP use the new
> one rather than the old one? 

Maybe. Try "ldd $(which gimp)" & see what it says.

On this system (updated Ubuntu Fiesty) gimp is in /usr/bin/ &
the libraries for it are all in /usr/lib/ (but I don't see any
libexif listed).

To see what libexifs you have, try "ls -l /usr/lib/*exif*" because
the compilation may have defaulted to somewhere like
/usr/local/lib/ or /opt/lib/ or something else which may not be
in your libraries list. Look in /etc/ld.so.conf to see which
directories ldconfig searches for libraries.

If the configure did use some odd directory, try the configure
line as this, then re-do the makes:

    ./configure --prefix=/usr

As root (sudo'ed) try an "ldconfig") & see if that changes the
above ldd report.

Uhh... this is probably a mite too complex for some of y'all
but it may help Johnny & can be safely ignored by others. (-:

Cheers; Leon
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