On Thu, 2007-09-27 at 21:57 +0200, firepol wrote:

> I open an image stored
> in /media/usb-external/graphics/work/animals/cat/mycat/christmas/cat.jpg
> Now, if I cut a part of the image and I paste it into a new image,
> then I click "save as" I get as default my home directory (in my
> case /home/paul/) which is very annoying since I'd like to save the
> modified image in the same folder (last location) I've just opened a
> few seconds before. I need to re-navigate the whole tree to select the
> directory, loosing a bunch of time. 

Sometimes you want to save the image there, and sometimes you don't.
Since there's no relation between the image you opened and the one you
are saving, it would be somewhat odd to open the save file-chooser in
the loaction where you last opened a different image.

It's not easy to find a good solution that fits for all cases. For GIMP
2.4 we have changed the behavior of the Open and Save dialogs so that
they open in the last used directory if you are using them from the same
image. For all other needs, I suggest that you use the Bookmarks feature
of the file-chooser dialog to avoid having to renavigate the filesystem.


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