Hi there,

I open an image stored in

Now, if I cut a part of the image and I paste it into a new image, then I
click "save as" I get as default my home directory (in my case /home/paul/)
which is very annoying since I'd like to save the modified image in the same
folder (last location) I've just opened a few seconds before. I need to
re-navigate the whole tree to select the directory, loosing a bunch of time.

The usability improvement I'm suggesting is to always remember the last
location where the user opened or saved a file. E.g. I open a file from
/media/usb-external/graphics, then I manipulate it and create a new image
fom it, The "save as" should be already open the
/media/usb-external/graphics. If I create a folder "temp" and save the file
there, then click "open" I'd like to be aleady in
/media/usb-external/graphics/temp (last location)... see what I mean?

If you don't like this behavior, at least copy the behavior of Adobe
Photoshop: it's not smart as the one I'm suggesting but at least it
remembers the last saved folder, even if you close photoshop.

Personally I think that it would be nice to change the behavior as I'm
suggesting (I think it can save a lot of time to regular users), don't you
think it's smarter to remember the last used location instead of navigating
the directories tree each time you want to save a new image?

Please consider this improvement... see also my initial request

Best regards,

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