El dv 28 de 09 del 2007 a les 19:34 +0200, en/na Sven Neumann va

> It's not easy to find a good solution that fits for all cases. For GIMP
> 2.4 we have changed the behavior of the Open and Save dialogs so that
> they open in the last used directory if you are using them from the same
> image. For all other needs, I suggest that you use the Bookmarks feature
> of the file-chooser dialog to avoid having to renavigate the filesystem.

Just a couple of ideas.

May be Gimp can auto add/remove Bookmarks? I guess this can give more
problems than adressed.

Or  may be after modifying file-chooser, there will be a place for
app-bookmarks in plus of user-bookmarks?


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