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> The application can already add bookmarks and GIMP 2.4 already makes use
> of this feature in some places.

I see the "Recently Used" (files) entry in file-chooser. Can it hold
"Recently Used Dirs" ?

>  I am not convinced though that this
> would be a good way to solve the problems brought up the user who
> started the thread.

No, dir bookmarks not solve any problem, but can come in help when the
gimp assumption about the directory where to save a file and the user
wanted directory differs.

There are two issues here: 
 Find good default saving assumptions for most users.
 What to do when a user has different needs.

Bookmarking recent saving dirs deals with the second case.

> Perhaps we need to collect the typical usage scenarios that involve use
> of the file-chooser and evaluate how the current solution deals with
> them and if there are ways to improve it. 

I just have a suggestion for "paste as new" and is that the default
saving directory for the new image can inherit the default saving
directory from the image where the action is called, or if it is called
from the toolbox, inherite from the active image.

As this, the users can have some control over the default saving


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