On Monday 01 October 2007 08:48:09 you wrote:
> Each person (who wanted to participate) would take an art
> step phase further using GIMP until we had a completed art
> work.  For example, let's say you'd start it using a brush.
> Then maybe I'd go into what you did with an eraser and make
> it something else.  Then maybe [self] would use both versions
> as layers and run the two through the modes (multiple, burn,
> dodge, etc.,) until finding his own version....and so on down
> the line. each person would explain what he did in GIMP to
> get to his phase as well.

Since my skills as an artist are kind of regrettable, I very
much like this idea & would like to second it, or whatever.

Doing something by degrees makes it a lot less daunting, &
if I managed to muck something up, it would be my own copy only,
(a feature difficult to replicate with physical artworks :-).

Besides that, mucking something up is a lesson in itself, both
to warn others & because someone else might be able to imagine
a way to make the original idea work.

I think dumping the results on a Wiki would be helpful, also,
both to make fetching a starting-point relatively simple, & to
keep a kind of history of what various people have tried. The
history is also useful for both inspiration & correction. (-:

Cheers; Leon
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