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> While the absence of a recognised skill transition route (i.e. no skin 
> similar 
> to PS) is a serious obstacle affecting the ability  of multiple individuals 
> to collaborate in a supply chain comprising multiple organisations it is far 
> from being the only reason while Gimp is not currently in a position to 
> seriously challenge PS. 

You are making the wrong assumption here that GIMP would want to
challenge PS. It doesn't, that's not how Free Software works.

GIMP has different goals than Photoshop and instead of concentrating on
being as similar to Photoshop as possible, our feature set and user
interface will in the future diverge even further from Photoshop. Simply
because we have a different vision for what GIMP should become and
because we believe that this vision is a lot more interesting than
trying to compete with a commercial product.

As soon as GIMP 2.4 is released, we will start to integrate GEGL to the
GIMP core and our plans for an image manipulation program based on GEGL
go way beyond what Photoshop offers.

Feel free to continue your discussion here. But seriously, I don't
understand who you are trying to address here. This is the GIMP user
mailing-list. If you really wanted a constructive discussion about the
future of GIMP, then you would introduce yourself on the gimp-developer
list. And you would do this by first telling us who you are and what
contributions you have to offer.


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