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> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Bit-depth Processing
> ................................................... The instructors don't 
> care about
> anything but the artistic merit of the results.  If I were the student, I'd
> just go home and do the art work on the Gimp where I could have all my
> comforts around me for the days and days of long hours needed to produce the
> art work.  you could do some of the art work in the classroom in photoshop
> and then store it online before you left so you could pick it up at home.

I did lots of portraits, sketches and paintings (until I got into
computing!). I selected Gimp to learn photo-retouching and
mouse-drawing myself - I was a complete beginner to photo-editing
programs - Gimp or PS. However, I learned a LOT! from the book
"Grokking the Gimp" (available from www.gimp-savvy.com) and the
tutorials available from gimp.org, gug and gimpguru. Particularly, I
increased my understanding about color theory from "Grokking the
Gimp". Also, one or more tutorials taught me masking extremely well.
Later, when I used PS, I was surprised to see the masking feature was
integrated in PS in a very easy sort of way which wouldn't have helped
me in actually "learning" about the masking. In Gimp, you do masking
knowing the way it (masking) actually "is" really. So, with my
knowledge of Gimp, I was easily able to do masking in PS as well - the
same way I did in Gimp - "without" using the masking option of the
menu - I did it simply from the layers dialog just I did it using

Same way, I learned about selections/masks/channels a lot from Gimp
because Gimp didn't try to hide anything and nothing was made easy to
the point of obscurity.

So, as far as learning is concerned, I would recommend Gimp to
everybody - because it made me understand things better and empowered
me to use PS with ease. As far as its functionality is concerned, I
think newer features/functions will be included as we get newer Gimp
versions. Primarily I enjoyed using Gimp because I was able to do my
sketches and retouching very easily and I was more interested in
"learning" the ins and outs of this new re-touching stuff and Gimp
helped me a LOT! - particularly the tutorials at gug, gimpguru and
elsewhere on the Internet.

Best regards,

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